Board of Trustees Minutes



Trustees in Attendance: Pat Brannen, William Duke, Judy Garrison, Linda Lederman, Diane Lockspeiser, Ellen Rosman  Excused: Gloria Carlson, Susan Cole 

Treasurer: Maggie Reinmann (after 4 pm)

Staff In Attendance: Pamela West-Finkle, Library Director   

Meeting recorded for archival purposes

Meeting called to order by Judy Garrison at 3:07 pm

Minutes: Linda moved and Bill seconded the motion to approve the Minutes for September 16, 2021, as presented. MOTION PASSED


President’s Report: Meeting attendees discussed an optimal time of day for the bi-monthly trustee meetings. All agreed to continue with the current meeting time of 3-5 pm.

Judy successfully advocated for an increase in our 2022 town budget to pay for a $25 per hour wage for Pam. She noted that Pam continues to successfully receive grant monies awarded to the library for children and teen’s music programs, both live and on-line.  These music and reading events are popular and described as beneficial for all patrons and families in the community who use the library. The town board approved a total of $45,000 for personnel and utilities for the 2022 budget.  

Librarian’s Report: 

Library statistics will be completed before the end of the year, to include circulation, number of patrons using the library, popular days and times for use, etc. 

Upon review of the fine policy for late return fees, trustees agreed to make the library a “fine free” environment.  Pam noted that all NYC libraries are fine free. Patrons will be encouraged to make donations to support the library in place of fees. A donation container will remain by the front desk.  Pam will discuss the use of scanners and Venmo cards for donations and other financial transactions with 4CLS. Bill moved to approve and Ellen seconded the motion to omit the fine policy. MOTION PASSED

Building maintenance issues during the past two months included a furnace repair due to a clogged outdoor pipe, the need for entry into the crawl space, and visibility issues due to a neighbor’s hedge abutting the parking lot. Art S. or Charlie M. were suggested as reliable community members to enter the crawl space in order to locate the building’s main waterline. Pam will reach out to the neighbor again.

Santa Claus will be arriving in a fire truck on December 4 at noon.  Festivities will include holiday songs, tree decorating and lighting, candy canes and refreshments.  Pam will prepare a press release for the event. 

Four County will be distributing updated tapes and videos for the Sexual Harassment Training for trustees and staff.

OLD BUSINESS: No old business to report.


APL Policy Revisions: Pam updated and revised the library’s policy manual. The draft policies were emailed to trustees on November 16, 2021, for review. Once approved, the policies will be posted on the library website and updated as needed. Pam reviewed protocols for the following: use of the copy machine, assisting patrons with computers and printers, scheduling of events, use of the meeting room and gazebo, and the internet acceptable use policy. Disaster Recovery Policies and Plans were reviewed and updated as well. Pam noted that the basement floor is ten inches higher on the renovated side of the building. The proposed disaster plans include removing books from the bottom shelves in case of flooding throughout the premises. Trustee’s will review the policies at the next Board meeting. 

Adherence to 4CLS and State Guidelines:   As per the State’s COVID Guidelines, we are continuing to follow strict protocols to help minimize exposure to all illnesses for patrons and  staff. (Note: Beginning December 19, 2021, the NYS Governor announced new Covid requirements. The library’s requirements include washing and sanitizing hands, the mandatory use of masks inside businesses and practicing social distancing. The new requirements have already been implemented and are being followed. To assist our patrons, porch pickup continues to remain available via phone and email.  Bar Coding will be completed by the end of the year.

Annual Appeal Results-Bullet Money:  Pam noted that we have not received the bullet money as of yet. Committee members offered suggestions for use of the funds such as a “Fix-It Day” by appointment only, antique appraisals, virtual wellness programs for children and pre-teens, presentations on homeopathy and/or aromatherapy, game night, music lessons, presentations by local authors, as well as our weekly StoryTime with Pam. John Verdon was mentioned as a possible local author and presenter, and Bill volunteered to  teach dulcimer lessons (a string instrument).   Most of the presentations will be held virtually.

Treasurer’s Report: Maggie presented the Treasurer’s Report for September – October,2021.  (The reports are attached.) Account balances as of October 31, 2021:

Savings Account: $37,934.37           Checking Account: $3436.12

Capital Funds Account: $1048.94

Total Account Assets as of October 31, 2021: $42,419.43          

Linda moved and Ellen seconded the motion to accept the reports as submitted. MOTION PASSED.

Discussion and Vote on Proposed 2022 Budget:  Maggie presented the proposed 2022 budget; she updated the committee and answered questions regarding particular budget items.  As noted above, the library will receive  $45,000 from the town. The concept of “fines” will be removed from the budget. Projected expenses for the 2022 year include projects such as painting the outside front sign, fixing the outdoor book sculpture,

expenses for a gardener, a new air conditioner for the second floor, a new drop box, and a front door lock with a code in place of a key.  The line item for ordering books will be increased to $3400.  A motion to adopt the 2022 Budget was made.

 Diane moved and Pat seconded the motion to adopt the proposed 2022 Budget. MOTION PASSED TO ADOPT THE 2022 PROPOSED BUDGET.

Motion to Adjourn:  Diane moved and Linda seconded the motion to adjourn at 4:55 pm.

Next Meeting: January 20, 2022

Submitted by Recording Secretary

Ellen Rosman



In Attendance: Trustees: Pat Brannen, Gloria Carlson, Susan Cole, William Duke, Judy Garrison, Linda Lederman, Diane Lockspeiser, Ellen Rosman. Staff: Pamela West-Finkle; Treasurer: Maggie Reinmann

Judy called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm at the library.

MINUTES: Diane moved and Pat seconded the motion to approve the minutes as presented.   MOTION PASSED.


President’s Report: Judy asked Pam to update the trustees on events since our last meeting.

Librarian’s Report:

 Pam briefly discussed the status of library circulation and selections. DVD checkouts have declined this year, as expected, since many second homeowners now live here full time with their own internet and streaming services.  Popular new books and materials for children and adults (fiction and non-fiction) were purchased as well.  The summer live events continued as planned with professionals chosen by Pam who are familiar with the events. The front desk was covered during her absence in July.  Pam will continue tracking her hours and she will notify the board of any pertinent changes, such as needing to take a surgical leave.

Bar coding is near completion. The Four County System books are being cataloged along with new books ordered for the year. Bar coding is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Old Business:

The Fiscal Committee’s Internal Report, conducted on July 30, 2021, by board members Susan and Diane, after consultation with Judy, Linda, Maggie and Pam. Susan and Diane reviewed results and discrepancies regarding debit card issues, and a few accounts that did not match. Diane and Susan researched the need for a procurement fiscal policy, and reported that we currently do not need the policy as per state guidelines.

New Business:

Annual Appeal Results as of 9/16/2021-Pam reviewed the fundraising annual results thus far, including contributions. General contributions and fund donations totaled $10,804. The total donations may increase  as contributions continue to arrive.

Bullet Money from New York State-Assemblyman Brian Miller from NYS  101st District awarded the library $25,000 for additional expenses.  Possibilities for  using the money include paving the parking lot in collaboration with the town, purchasing a new drop box for patrons when the library is closed, a book cart for shelving and carrying heavy books, a 3D printer, lending  DVD players to patrons, etc. Pam may write  an O’Connor Grant for musical instruments to be used for children and teen programs. Pam suggested using the instruments for individual music lessons as well. We expect to receive this money in early October.

Current COVID Guidelines-Staff and visitors will continue wearing masks.  Patrons without masks will be encouraged to wear them. Additional masks and hand sanitizers will remain at the main desk. The use of masks has not been a major issue thus far. The bathroom is cleaned after use with disinfectant wipes. Pam is offering musical shows and reading books on zoom. The on-line shows have been extremely well received.

2022 Budget Proposal to the Town-Judy asked for feedback to increase Pam’s salary to $25 an hour. Judy will write a proposal for the town meeting, to be held on September 22nd.  Bill moved and Diane seconded the motion-MOTION PASSED.

TREASURER’S REPORT-(held after 4:30)-Maggie presented the Treasurer’s Report and expenditures for July and August, 2021. Maggie noted that the town pays for our utility bills, including plowing, mowing, etc. This issue will be on the agenda for the November meeting. The meeting will also focus on the  budget for the upcoming year.

The reports are attached. 

Account Balances as of August 31, 2021

Savings account:        $44,257.94   

Checking Account:     $4154.03

Capital Fund Account: $1048.76

Total Account Assets as of August 31, 2021: $49,460.73

Linda moved and Ellen seconded the motion to accept the report as submitted. MOTION PASSED.

Motion to adjourn: Diane moved and Linda seconded the motion to adjourn at 4:50 pm.

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 18, 2021   3 pm

Submitted by Recording Secretary

Ellen Rosman